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    Time and time again in the 8+ years that I have been functioning as a rub psychologist I have been told, "That was the BEST massage I have ever had."

    But what does that mean, exactly? "The very best massage." Why is it much better than other massages. Aren't ALL of these equally amazing? After all popular, we are getting about MASSAGE here persons!

    Anyone who has ever gotten more than one massage from more than one massage psychologist knows that the obvious answer compared to that problem is really a major fat NO.

    So I am here to share with you why is THE BEST MASSAGE, however not till I first tell you why is a GOOD one.

    Picture if you will:

    A peaceful room. Lights made low. Smooth audio breaks the silence and the weak aroma of jasmine floods the air. You are face-down beneath the linens on a rub dining table that has been heated to just the right temperature, your face  massage Newcastle cradled cautiously in the head rest. You take a serious breath, and as you exhale your body generally seems to carefully sink in to the dining table as you anxiously watch for your massage to begin.

    A few minutes later, after carefully knocking at the doorway, the psychologist enters the area and checks in with one to be sure that you are comfortable with the temperature and the experience of the table. Any essential changes are manufactured and the psychologist proceeds.

    Following cautiously folding down the sheet to uncover your straight back, the psychologist applies warm gas or cream to your skin layer and eases in to a elegant process that is the right mix of pleasure and therapeutic pressure--not too gentle but not as deep-moving with the pace of the music. The changes of the shots are water and perfect, as though doing a dance. Conversation is small, letting you curl up as you move between sleep and awake. Before you realize it, the massage has ended and the psychologist silently exits the room.

    That was a great massage. Actually good. But... it wasn't the best. So the thing that was lacking? I am maybe not speaing frankly about a "happy stopping" or "whole launch" either. Save yourself that for the bedroom.

    I am speaing frankly about a few crucial things that within their rarest and best forms are not something which can be shown, but are God-given and come naturally and without any aware effort.

    These crucial things are: ComPassion, Intention and Intuition.

    Allow me to explain...

    First of all, compassion and love when completely true move hand-in-hand. They become one in the same. A synthesis, if you will.


    noun com·pas·sion /kəmˈpaSHən/: a sense of wanting to help some one who's sick, eager, in trouble, etc.

    The very best massage practitioners who one day choose, "Hello, I think I wish to be a rub psychologist," don't actually choose at all. You realize why? Because that is something which has already been determined for them. It's been woven within their fabric of creation. It's presently a part of them. Due to what? Compassion. The want to help persons in need... the need to produce persons experience better... the powerful need to treat others. These all focus on compassion, and compassion is not something which can be taught. This is anything that has to be discovered within one's self. And true compassion can't be complete without passion.


    noun pas·sion /ˈpaSHən/: a solid feeling of enthusiasm or pleasure for anything or about performing something.

    Passion could be the stick that securities all great massage practitioners and healers to their craft. Without it, it's only still another work that pays the bills. It can be a work that they appreciate for a while, but without that love, it's only employment none-the-less. But with love, the positioning becomes much more than simply a job. Many of us have heard the quote, "Whenever you make a move that you love, you'll never need certainly to work per day in your life." It's true. When someone-anyone-is truly enthusiastic by what they do, they do not need certainly to work at it. They just do what they love performing and they receives a commission to do it. Sounds quite great, proper? There's number "phony it'til you make it" here either. You can not power yourself to be enthusiastic about something. That's maybe not how this works. So if you're scanning this and you're a rub psychologist or thinking about getting one and you don't have the desire for this location, you're likely to burn off yourself out when you ever actually get started. Statistics reveal that the typical job span for a rub psychologist is seven years. SEVEN. YEARS. And you realize why? Because the typical massage psychologist is simply that: AVERAGE. Positive, you've the exception of those that had to quit due to illness or damage or that discovered something different they're even more enthusiastic about, but in most cases, the absence of love just leaves you with a way to an end.

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