• Briefly Introduce Sharp Circles SEO Company and Analyze SEO industry in the future

    Sharp Circles Introduction

    Sharp Circles is a SEO (Searching Engine Optimization) company which to help small or medium sized businesses to perform better website, in order to attract more target company. Our company’s purpose is to make your website occupy the leading position in the relevant keyword ranking results. This optimization method can obtain more free traffic and reduce the advertising cost for the enterprise, thus bringing better promotion effect.

    While, SEO is cheaper than SEM. Nowadays, network promotion methods are diversified, traffic costs are getting higher and higher, and enterprises need to pay more attention to SEO optimization.

    Understanding of SEO

    SEO is Searching Engine Optimization, which refers to the technology and process of obtaining website traffic from natural search results. Specifically, on the basis of understanding the natural ranking mechanism of search engines, the internal and external adjustment and optimization of the website, improve the natural ranking of the keywords in the search engine, and obtain more traffic, thus achieving the goal of website sales and brand building.

    Keyword analysis

    SEO keyword analysis is to see how many keyword searches and return to the competition page.

    Website architecture optimization

    Reasonable and clear internal structure, which is conducive to search engine crawling, and internal links that are beneficial to users, is actually related to technology. Make the technician know the website page that the search engine must crawl, and what is not conducive to crawling.

    Web Page optimization

    Other keyword optimizations on the web page - optimization page Title tag.

    External link building

    An external link is to remove all links from the main domain of the target site. If another link to the site points to you, then you free website analysis can call it your external link. External link has a positive recommendation role, which is conducive to improving the keyword ranking of the website, which can play the role of brand exposure.

    Traffic Analysis

    Website traffic analysis can not only understand the effect of website optimization, but also find more valuable things from the statistics to make the future website promotion more targeted.

    image 2.png

    Sharp Circles’ SEO packages

    There are three different packages we provide to customers that standard, plus and pro package. The standard and plus package, both of them will provide 10 targeted keywords for customers, however, the pro package provide customer more keywords which up to 30 words. Whereas, the different between plus and standard package, while, the plus package have another advantage for the customer that optimized customer business through google. Moreover, the pro package includes all area about our package items (figure 1). The price also has three different levels of each pack within 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 1 year, respectively (More details, please visit the website http://sharpcircles.com.au).

    image 1

    SEO Industry Analysis

    Voice search

    Voice search technology facilitates changing the way we communicate and process information. It is reported that 20% of Google's search has been from voice query. The rise of voice search means that SEO optimizers need to pay attention to more long-tail keywords and natural language that matches the user's conversational gas. As the accuracy of digital assistant increases, more users will use voice search on mobile devices to find quick and relevant answers.

    User Experience

    A site with a good user experience helps search engines crawl and include and improve the quality of the site. The SEO optimizer needs to pay attention to the speed, readability and navigation structure of the website in order to improve the website by the right means. You need to look carefully at the visitor's browsing habits, dwell time and bounce rate to make changes.

    Visual search

    Visual search is an exciting area where a combination of technological innovation and user experience can take search to the next level. As the Internet becomes more visually impactful, exploring the power of visual search is a great opportunity. Many search engine giants have invested a lot of research in this field.

    Link building

    Recommended traffic from authoritative sites still contributes to the site's natural search rankings, in order to helping brands build strong social relationships and spread them in the form of links, which will benefit long-term link building.

    Compared with small and medium-sized enterprises, most of them are just in contact with the Internet industry and there is not much budget on the Internet. However, SEO is relatively low cost and cost-effective, also it is the foundation of online marketing, and the search quality is relatively high. Compared to other promotion methods, SEO is effective for a long time, unlike other online cheap seo advertisements, once the delivery stops, the traffic disappears immediately. Doing a good job of SEO can improve the user experience.

    Few suggestion of website

    As we discussed last week, there are few suggestions about our web pages:

    • Too much information on homepage.
    • Customers reviews shows in multiple pages which could be organized in one page, maybe only present on home page.
    • At the bottom of homepage that ‘Contact us’, which can be removed as there already has a head title of Contact us. Homepage can be simplified and straightforward.
    • Sometimes the banner couldn’t show.
    • Some contents could be cut off because there are included in other subpages. Try to make our web looks pretty and simplified.
    • Banner has three function, outperform your competitor and SEO package are same function, can remove one. Another function is free SEO Audit, however, this function already includes on homepage (under banner) – Get your SEO Analysis. As well, the menu bar which includes one tag that Free SEO Audit. Those all three are same function which is repeated. We can make banner as customer feedback, as we can see customer feedback have a lot but it appears in couple pages, or remove banner, try to make our website more simplified and use friendly.
    • Lots information about ‘How to do SEO’ that make people read through tiredly. Could use some flow chart to demonstrate. There are also lots of video, which takes more time to load.

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