Speech Therapy is the science of treating disorders of the speech, verbal communication and swallowing disorders. Speech therapy is very beneficial for speech and language disorders. It is sometimes essential to develop communication skills in children having speech or communication problems. There is a time difference or delay in the speed of learning words or making sense of speech amongst some children. A proper diagnosis by a Speech Therapist or a Speech Pathologist is essential in the assessment of such impairments.


    Speech therapy is an essential part of the hearing loss treatment in kids. Most physicians advise children with hearing disorders to enroll in speech therapy early in their life to make sure speech and language skills are as normal as possible. There are many advantages of speech therapy for children suffering from hearing loss.

    The speech therapy exercises Speech Therapy for children with hearing loss must include treatment to improve the kid’s speech, sign intelligibility, and speech reading.

    In addition to these benefits, other benefits of getting speech therapy are:

    • Speech Therapy Reduces Stuttering

    Stuttering is a common problem among children. It affects the normal speech pattern. A recent research study proved that around 70 million people in the world are suffering from stuttering.

    The therapist suggests various Speech Therapy exercises for the affected children to improve the speech skills. These include avoiding certain words, taking a deep breath and talking slowly. They also suggest practicing trigger words when at home to overcome stuttering quickly.

    • Improvement in Swallowing Pattern With Speech Therapy

    Difficulty in swallowing can also be a side effect of problematic speech. Though majority of swallowing problems are a result of sclerosis, brain injury, etc. Swallowing disorders are also called Dysphagia.  The Therapist uses multiple techniques to improve the speech which ultimately helps in improving the swallowing techniques. The list of techniques which are utilized by the therapist include proper biting techniques, exercises to improve range of motion, strengthening of jaw, cheek, lips and tongue muscles. The Speech therapy exercises are accompanied by change in food items consumed to develop specific parts/muscles of the mouth.

    • Accent Becomes More Understandable And Clearer With Speech Therapy

    Speech therapy is not only essential for children with hearing or speech problems, but speech therapy is also essential for people who are trying to achieve or lose a certain type of accent. Actors are common examples other than children who attend speech therapy sessions to improve their accent and dialogue delivery of the required language.

    • Helps In Reducing Anxiety

    It also helps in reducing anxiety in children with problematic speech and hearing. It allows children to speak comfortably in front of people.

    It also gives children the confidence to initiate communication with others which helps in reducing anxiety.

    • Improves Confidence In Children

    Speech therapy allows children to speak freely with confidence. It allows them to speak without fear or embarrassment.  Children can pronounce the correct words which give them the confidence to speak in public.

    • Helps In Improving Nonverbal Communication Skills And Body Language

    Proper speech therapy also helps in improving nonverbal communication and body language. When children are unable to convey certain words verbally or using speech, the Speech Therapist teaches communicating using nonverbal methods. It increases the chances of the children being understood.


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