• An Evening at the Cafe P Flore (Or, the Bum's Dog) Flash Fiction

    Laguna Seaside has long been an incredible dog-friendly town. From the Dog Park, to the dog-friendly restaurants, puppy stores, shores, and trails there's generally anything fun related to your pet in Laguna Beach.

    Probably the most clear exemplory instance of simply how much this community enjoys dogs could be the Laguna Dog Park located in Laguna Canyon. Also referred to as "Bark Park" to many of locals and puppy patrons. This park is reinforced by Buddies of the Laguna Seaside Dog Park non-profit organization. This large grassy area offers two entirely fenced in areas, one open to all-sizes of dogs and one other is reserved for little dogs. This is a superb place to bring your pet and allow them off lead to move smell, work, leap, chase, and usually play in doggy paradise! While their not as packed during the day, you'll often find more dogs later in the day as more individuals are receiving off work, and throughout the weekends. You can find inviting spots, benches shaded beneath the trees, and intensive grassy areas for your pet to play!

    There are also countless pet pleasant restaurants in Laguna Beach. My personal beloved is Madison Sq Yard and Cafe. With every one of the sitting positioned external, you'll typically find people that have produced their dogs along. This restaurant serves fresh and great dinners and if Dog Cafes you  bring your dog, do not be amazed if the team here extravagant passion in your dog. Its perhaps not rare for the owner to come out and reveal pet sweets with the hairy friends at each table. Additionally, this restaurant carries unique decor and gifts and you will find baubles hanging from the trees along with sculptures and decor throughout the establishment. If you have never been, bring your pet and decide to try the Madison Rancheros! There are also a number of other pet pleasant restaurants in Laguna Seaside with sitting on outdoor patios including, The Cottage, The Stand, Sundried Tomato Restaurant, and Zinc Restaurant only to mention several!

    If you should be looking for outdoor points to complete in town, there are many climbing trails and shores that are pet pleasant in Laguna Beach. If you are looking for some great exercise get your pet up to the West Shape Path and rise along the the surface of the ridge. This walk is readily available from Top of the World Park (Alta Laguna Park) and dogs are permitted. The opinions out of this walk are spectacular and when you are climbing along a form the improvements in elevation will give you an excellent cardio workout with your pet! If climbing isn't your point, great off by providing your pet to one of Laguna's many pet pleasant beaches. Many shores in town allow dogs, only ensure that you check always the signals at the seaside entrance to learn certain restrictions. Throughout the busy summer months (June 1 - Sept 16) dogs are just allowed on the shores before 9:00am and following 6:00pm. But since the sun is staying up longer, there will still be plenty of time for your pet to frolick in the surf or work along the mud!

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